How to fix 0x80048008 error when upload video to YouTube/Facebook?

1. Sometimes on some computers you may get the error code: 0x80048008 . This is a known issue you can fix it manually following the guide below.
upload youtube facebook failed 0x80048008 error code

2. Please open the target folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Photo Gallery . In the target folder, search "wildcli.dll". Delete this file. You need Administrator privilege to delete this file. You can backup it before delete. Then restart Windows Movie Maker. You should be able to upload video to youtube/facebook now.
delete wildcli.dll

3. That's all. It's so easy. You may have another question: why do you include this wildcli.dll since it makes uploading do not work? Because most computers need this file. By now, we can not identify whether a target computer need this file or not. It's a hard decision to keep or remove this file. We will figure out a better way to resolve this problem. You can contact us if you have any suggestion. Just send email to .