FAQ about Windows Movie Maker software license


· Is the application Windows 10 compatible and up to what version?
Yes. Windows Movie Maker software has been tested on Windows 10.

· What type of License is the Application? Named User, Device.
The software is licensed to Device.

· Is there a limit to installs per license purchased?
One license is limited to one device.

· Are there any restriction on installs, if a Compurter was refreshed/replaced?
You can reinstall the software on the same device with the same license.

· Can it be transferred from one person to another?
No. Windows Movie Maker license is limited to Device.

· Do licenses need to be deactivated before transfer?
There is no need to transfer. The software is licensed to Device.

· Can you supply a copy of the End User License Agreement for this application?
Please check the official Windows Movie Maker EULA via: Windows Movie Maker EULA

· Are there any limits to how many computers can have the software installed?
You need multiple licenses for multiple computers. Please check this:
Windows Movie Maker licenses for multiple devices

· Are there any special requirements for install?
No. The software works on Windows 10 and Windows 7/8/XP.

· Do you have a reseller within Australia or are all purchases online?
Please buy the software via the official link: Windows Movie Maker official Purchase Link

If you do have the software, please download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker via the official link below.

Windows Movie Maker 2024

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