How to Set Video's Fade in Fade out?

Have you ever observed that in some movies or TV dramas, sound have emerged, but the picture have gradually appeared. This kind of effect looks elegant and creates a subtle effect, making the video more vivid. This effect is named the fade in and fade out effect of the video. So, how do you set the fade in fade out of the video?

Step 1: Import the video material you need.

IMG 4250.png

Step 2: Click the mouse right and select the "Fade".

IMG 4251.png

Or click the icon "Settings" below.

IMG 4252.png

Step 3: Set the "Fade-in" and "Fade-out" value you need.

Then, don't forget to click the "Return" button.

IMG 4253.png

IMG 4254.png

IMG 4255.png

Step 4: Export the video material you have finished.

IMG 4256.png

The above is the effect of the fade in and fade out of the video, is it very simple? So, interested friends can download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker and try it through the following official link.

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