Can You Add Overlays in Windows Movie Maker?


Overlay is a moving video.You can choose the overlay layer according to your own preference, which makes the video vivid.Therefore, how to use windows movie maker to add overlays to video?According to the following tutorial, use Windows Movie Maker to add overlays to the video.

Step 1: Import the video you prepared

IMG 04260.png

Step 2: Add overlays

Click the "EFFECTS" button and "Overlays" button.

IMG 04261.png

IMG 04262.png

Step 3: Choose overlays

Choose one overlay you want ,and then click "+".

IMG 04263.png

Step 4: Adjust the duration

Drag the right edge of the frame with the left mouse button to change the required duration.

IMG 04264.png

Step 5: Edit overlays

Click the "Settings" icon and drag the slider to adjust to the parameters you want.

Then, don't forget to click the "Return" button.

IMG 04265.png

IMG 04266.png

Step 6: Export the video you finished

IMG 04267.png

The above is the content of adding overlays to the video through Windows Movie Maker.I hope it can be helpful to you.If you want to know more tutorials, please download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker through the official link below.

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