How to Add Elements in Windows Movie Maker?

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When editing videos, many people like to add elements to increase the interest of the video.So, how to add elements in Windows Movie Maker? With regard to this problem, I believe that after reading this tutorial, you will learn how to operate it easily.

Step 1: Import the video you need to edit.

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Step 2: Adding elements.

Click the "ELEMENTS" button.

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Step 3: Select the elements.

Select an element you want, and select "Add to Beginning".

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Step 4Adjusting the duration.

Drag the right edge of the frame with the left mouse button to change the duration required.

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Step 5: Adjust size, position, and rotation.

Drag the button to the left to zoom in or out of the element.

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Use the left mouse button to move the yellow box to the desired position.

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You can rotate the angle you want, and at the same time, you can "Rotate Left 90", "Rotate Right 90", "Flip Horizontal" and "Flip Vertical" according to your own needs.

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Step 6: Edit elements.

Click on the "Settings" icon.

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Drag the slider to adjust to the required parameters.

Then, don't forget to click the "Return" button.

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Step 7: Export the edited video.

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After reading this tutorial, I believe you have learned how to operate.So, download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker through the following official link and try it.

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