What Replaced Windows Movie Maker

There is no doubt that people, especially the users of Windows Movie Maker feel depressed that Microsoft no longer supports Windows Movie Maker and other windows package programs after 2012. But Microsoft Photos can also be a nice choice. You can view and edit your photos and videos, make movies, and create albums. You can try video compositing to create a video instantly with the selected photos and videos. Fine-tuning with the video editor - change filters, text, camera motion, music can also be provided. You can even add magical 3D effects like butterflies, lasers, or explosions to the video. Its complete tools can fully meet the daily needs of the production of photos and videos.




The whole software interface can be divided into three parts: the import area at the top left, the video previewing area at the top right, and the editing area at the bottom.




The top column includes basic editing operations, such as naming, rotation, background music, custom audio and sharing.




To sum up, you can consider replacing Windows Movie Maker with Microsoft Photos. In addition to abundant tools, a clean interface and nice interactive experience can help you master the software easily as soon as possible and create new stories to share with your family and friends.



Besides, if you also want to experience more comprehensive tools and materials and more powerful operations, you can take Windows Movie Maker 2021 into consideration. Windows Movie Maker not only offers some basic editing tools, such as trimming, rotating, cutting and cropping, but also a variety of editing equipment, including text, transitions, music, effects, and overlays for you to select. You can click the link below to install and have a try.



Free Download Windows Movie Maker 2022    Download Mac Movie Maker 2022

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